2018 - 2021 Bylaws

We are required to review our bylaws every three years and 2018 is our time to review our rules and procedures.

Please take a look below at our new set of proposed bylaws. If you want to make changes or have some suggestions, please email rockfieldpta@gmail.com with your ideas & questions and let's discuss! We want to hear your feedback and your voice

2018 - 2021 Rockfield PTA Bylaws Draft

Here are the notable amendments/changes the bylaws committee:
  • Created a board position of VP of digital content
    • There is enough work for one person to manage our social media, website, passwords & cheddarup payment processor
  • Having the option to serve up to 3 years on a board position
    • There are times when serving on a board position that a member is in their prime when their term is up. Once you hit your stride in year 2 and you have learned everything, then your time is up. We are giving the option of serving an extra year to really shine and give enough time to train the next person
    • If a person isn't a fit for a board position, a committee can make a decision to find someone that can better serve that position
  • Updated the number of people for a quorum from 5 to 6
    • We have enough people at the meetings to meet the 10% of membership requirement