2018 Read A Thon

The Rockfield Read-a-thon will take place from March 1st-8th!

Every student that reads 160 minutes & turns in the reading log will earn a $5 credit for the Scholastic Book Fair*

1. From now until March 1st, gather sponsors on your Sponsorship Form.
2. Start recording your reading on Thursday, March 1st. Don’t guess the number of minutes. Look at the clock or use a timer or stopwatch to clock your minutes. Use the Minutes Recording Sheet to keep track of your reading each day. At the end of the eight days, make sure to have your parents sign the reading log. (This will help to ensure fairness.)
3. From March 9th-15th, collect your pledges from sponsors. Turn in all pledges by March 19th .

Online pledges can be made here: https://readathon2018.cheddarup.com

More information and form is below. Questions? Reach out to the Read A Thon Chair: Sarah LeGear